Clear Up Your Family’s View

Clear Up Your Family’s View

Depend on us for window repair or window replacement in Fraser and Chesterfield, MI

You can count on American Renovations & Repairs, LLC to replace the damaged window frames of your Fraser or Chesterfield, MI home. Our repair experts will evaluate your window’s damage and then recommend the type of frame that would best suit the glass and your home. We can also just replace your glass. Reach out to us today to enjoy new windows in just one day.

Which type of frame is best for you?

Our experts can help you figure out which type of frame will meet your home’s needs. We offer:

  • Vinyl frames, which are easy to maintain. They can be filled with insulation that will make them more energy-efficient.
  • Wood, which will need staining and sealing over time, but complements different interior designs well. They’re also energy-efficient.
  • Fiberglass, which can resist fading and cracking for a long time. It has superior thermal performance and, therefore, is another energy-efficient option.

Speak to us today to upgrade to window frames that will look good in your home and save you money.