Don’t Let Cracked Siding Put Your Home at Risk

Don’t Let Cracked Siding Put Your Home at Risk

We offer siding services & siding replacement in Fraser and Chesterfield, MI

The siding of your Fraser or Chesterfield, MI home protects it from weather, provides insulation and is an important part of its exterior look. If your siding is damaged, contact American Renovations & Repairs, LLC to replace it. We offer a variety of siding materials for you to choose from, including vinyl and cement boards. We can install new siding over existing siding, and we can also remove existing siding before installing new siding. We can replace all of the siding around your home or just replace the damaged areas. It all depends on your needs. Schedule an appointment today to get started on your siding replacement.

3 things that can damage your siding

Are you wondering why your siding is cracked, chipped or showing other signs of damage? Here are three possible reasons:

  1. Has your area experienced a lot of hail lately? Hail can chip, dent and crack your siding, limiting its ability to protect your home from the weather.
  2. A lot of heat and moisture can cause bubbling or blistering in siding.
  3. Animals, like woodpeckers, squirrels and insects, are attracted to wood siding and can cause damage.

No matter the reason, American Renovations & Repairs can replace your damaged siding. Reach out to us today for siding that will effectively protect your home.